Saturday, July 14, 2007

Why Breakfast Is so Important?

Why breakfast is important


A proper breakfast should provide us with about a quarter of our daily intake of energy and nutrients. Skip breakfast and you risk missing out on vitamins and minerals that are not always made up for in later meals and snacks.

Some people miss breakfast because they don't feel hungry or because they think they have no time. Whereas others mistakenly believe that cutting out breakfast will help them to lose weight. In reality, the opposite is true. Evidence shows that avoiding breakfast actually makes it harder to lose weight. Breakfast eaters also tend to have lower fat diets and be slimmer than breakfast skippers!

Breakfast for brilliant minds

High carbohydrate foods are great brain foods as they supply the brain with its essential fuel, glucose. Glucose is the primary fuel for the brain. Studies have shown that children who miss breakfast often have a shorter attention span and may struggle to concentrate in the morning than if they have eaten breakfast. In fact, children who eat breakfast that includes a cereal high in complex carbohydrate have been shown to be more creative and have a better memory.

It's not just the type of food you eat which keeps the brain working at its best, timing is also important. A mid-morning high carbohydrate snack may also help to improve mental performance and memory before lunch. Perhaps if more people realised that eating breakfast not only can help to improve their performance during the day but also adds to the nutritional value of their total daily diet, they would think again.

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