Friday, July 13, 2007

Things Women Can't Do

1. Know anything about a car except its color.

2. Understand a film plot.

3. Go 24 hours without sending a text message.

4. Lift.

5. Throw.

6. Run.

7. Park.

8. Read a map.

9. Rob a bank.

10. Sit still.

11. Tell a joke.

12. Play snooker.

13. Pay for dinner.

14. Eat a kebab while walking.

15. Argue without shouting.

16. Get told off without crying.

17. Understand fruit machines.

18. Walk past a shoe shop.

19. Make a decent bacon sandwich.

20. Not comment on stranger's clothes.

21. Use small amounts of toilet paper.

22. Let you sleep with a hang over.

23. Drink a pint gracefully.

24. Get a round in.

25. Throw a punch.

26. Do magic.

27. Like your friends.

28. Eat a really hot curry.

29. Get to the point.

30. Buy plain envelopes.

31. Take less than 20 minutes in the toilet.

32. Sit in a room for 5 minutes without saying "I'm Cold".

33. Go shopping without telephoning 20 friends.

34. Avoid credit card debt.

35. Dive into a pool.

36. Assemble furniture.

37. Set a video recorder.

38. Not to try to change you.

39. Watch a war film.

40. Understand why flirting results in violence.

41. Spend a day by themselves.

42. Go to the toilet by themselves.

43. Buy a purse that fits in your pocket.

44. Choose a video quickly.

45. piss on wall

46. Get this far without having argued with at least 1 of the above.


x_destined_x said...

haha good ones

jeff said...

shit man
where are these women youre talking about

glad i dont live there