Saturday, July 14, 2007

10 Tips For Healthy And Permanent Weight Loss

Your weight reflects your total calorie consumption, how much you exercise,
and your metabolic rate, but the composition of the food you eat is also important.
Here are some tips.

1. Reduce carbs.Eating a low-carbohydrate, low-GL diet will help you control your appetite
and decrease cravings. You'll feel full sooner, you'll find it far easier to stop eating once
you're satisfied, and you'll find yourself less hungry between meals. If you are trying to
lose weight, we recommend you keep total carbohydrates under one-sixth of your calories
and eliminate all high-GL carbohydrates such as sugary foods, pastas, and breads.

2.Reduce fats. Reducing fat in the diet aids weight loss because high-fat foods are more
calorically dense.

3.Go for veggies.The ideal category: low-starch vegetables

4.Eat fiber. Consume at least 25 grams per day

5.Don't switch foods radically. While you are losing weight, we strongly recommend against diets
that involve eating in a significantly different way from how you intend to eat when not "dieting."

6.Make health, not weight loss, your goal

7.A major reason people get discouraged and drop out of weight-loss programs is weight plateaus.
Gained muscle mass and blood-vessel expansion due to exercise may temporarily halt weight loss
or cause a small gain, but these are actually very desirable phenomena. Since muscle weighs
more than fat, you can lose body fat and inches without dropping pounds if you are building
muscles at the same time. Changes in medication, menstruation, constipation, water retention,
and other factors may also cause weight loss to slow down or even reverse. Remember that
your goal is to lose body fat. None of these factors causes an increase in body fat, so do not be
discouraged by minor shifts of weight in the wrong direction. Be patient.

8.Don't rush weight reduction.Setting your daily caloric level to match your target weight's maintenance
level is the best way to lose weight once and to keep it off.

9.Get exercise. Physical activity is very important for burning calories

10.Raise your metabolic rate.

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